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Project Management and General Construction


Water and Septic System and Renewable Energy

Abatement Remediation and Demolition

New Builds and Renovations

JA Building Services brings over 28 years of experience in construction when building new or renovating existing properties.  Our portfolio ranges from luxury homes and multi story community housing to small home restorations (bathrooms, decks, etc.) and commercial office upgrades.
We have created designs and worked with many clients’ own design, remaining directly involved in all phases of construction & coordinating expert crews to see the project through to completion.  Experience in design ranges from simple, elegant landscapes to unique and intricate designs.
Finishing is a major part of our quality assurance as we know it can be the most important aspect to our client’s vision and JABS makes every effort to bring those visions to life.

Project Management

JABS oversee entire projects and provide comprehensive management for clients on all aspects of projects from conception to close of construction and commissioning.
It is our goal to ensure that our client’s best interests are met as we take on responsibilities such as: Sub-Contractors & Specialists, Quality Control, Risk Assessment & Safety, Advisements, Planning, Permits, inspections and more. We take pride in our excellent customer service, and it is up to our clients how involved they want to be. 
With larger projects, where minimal environmental impacts are paramount, JABS confidently ends the project with the land in its original state and in some cases has added to the natural environment.

Civil Infrastructure

Water and Sanitary

Residential, commercial, and Municipal water and wastewater systems are all covered under JABS proxy.
Combining our employees’ experience with our valued partners and knowledge, our staff sets the bar for civil water & sanitary installation and restoration.  We specialize in heavy construction projects, but are diversified in scope from residential neighbourhoods, commercial development, municipal rehabilitation, and installation.

Bridge and Road Construction

JABS has begun venturing into installation of bridges and continues to aid older communities in ground works and road maintenance.

Water and Septic System, Renewable Energy


With multiple years being fully certified in the septic industry, regardless of the system, it will be designed to suit the land and system requirements while ensuring all environmental impacts and health requirements are met to the highest standard.


Our installers years of experience and quality of work boast an exemplary inspection record.  All systems are installed above and beyond the government requirements and are built to last without failure.
Currently on the cutting edge of the industry, JABS can positively say we are leading the way with new improved onsite systems and designs.  All hardware whether the latest technology or tried and tested materials are supplied by an established and renowned group of companies.


JABS offers a maintenance program to help with the upkeep and servicing not only of systems we have installed but for new clients who may have existing units with little knowledge of how to keep them working.  We work with our clients to set up the best possible maintenance service to keep systems at their peak for years.


Working with local realtors and home buyers we are the ‘go to’ company for Private Sewage Disposal Systems (PSDS) reports within South-western Alberta.


Issues with older or badly installed systems can be repaired or upgraded to give additional years of continued use at an affordable cost.

Abatement, Remediation and Demolition

Asbestos Abatement

Homes and buildings constructed before the 1980s are most at risk of containing asbestos products and contained varying levels of asbestos.  Safe removal of asbestos is vital not only for our clients but our staff, and we take the utmost care in making health and safety a priority on all our projects.
It is extremely important for both JABS and the safety of all our clients that we follow the most current legislation, and all testing is carried out with only certified labs and testing facilities.

Remediation - Water, Mold and Sewage

When remedying water damage remediation service means to treat or reverse the damage caused by unwanted water accumulation. We understand the importance of cleaning, drying, sanitizing, and repairing any structural damage caused by water.


Demolition projects are contained and supervised to assure that no harm can come to anyone or the surrounding environment.  Disposal of materials is taken care of and all equipment carefully cleaned and inspected to assure contaminants are not transferred.